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Diet – 2015

January 2, 2015

Start Diet:

Getting started on a new diet plan doesn’t always go as planned.

I made Mom and I breakfast shakes this morning and got mine down but Mom was a different story.  She usually has been drinking her shakes.  Not this morning though.   She drank about half of an 8 ounce shake.  Later, she  drank about 16 ounces of punch (which is not on this new diet).  I tried water and other liquids but she was not in a drinking mood today.  The problem with Mom is that if we don’t get these liquids in her she will become dehydrated which causes urinary tract infections or other problems.  Over time, we have learned that we have to keep at it.   Her Doctor told us that even though the fluids might not be on the diet, it is better to get some fluids  into her.  She has never liked water so we do our best to get these liquids into her in some manner, i.e., coffee, tea, soups, juice with water added into it.  Whatever we can think of.  Tomorrow, I will start again with the shake.

We did pretty good with our foods for the day.  Since it was New Year’s Day, our southern cuisine included turnip/mustard greens, black-eyed peas, ham, cast iron skillet potatoes and corn bread (gluten-free and using non GMO corn meal).   Neither Mom or I ate the potatoes .  I love them so this was a real sacrifice.   Mom  seemed more confused than usual and would not feed herself.  So I fed her.  Her taste buds seem to be changing.  She has always loved greens but today when I gave her a bite she said no.  So I fed her a bite of something else and went back to the greens until she had eaten everything on her plate.    As for me, I have no problem cleaning the plate.

Here is a link to the  gluten-free cornbread.

I substituted coconut oil for the oil in the recipe and I did not use corn or onion in the recipe either.  I just made simple cornbread.  Mom only ate a few bites of the corn bread but I ate a slice.  I always use my cast iron skillet for making cornbread.  I have to admit it was a great meal.

I think we made a start today.  More to follow…



Recipe – Low GI/GF Sweet potatoes

August 1, 2010

I have decided to start a new blog to go along with this one soon.  This blog has turned into a more personal commentary on whatever I am thinking or feeling at the moment.  The new blog  is going to be a cooking blog.   I have a ton of recipe’s from my family who are great Southern cooks and I want to turn them into gluten-free and low Glycemic Index.   In the meantime, here is a recipe that my sister use to cook for Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.  I have converted it to low Glycemic Index and it  is gluten-free.  You are welcome to try it.  We really enjoyed it today.

Ingredients:   2 to 4 sweet potatoes (Peel and cut into round pieces about 1/3 ” in thickness. )

1 Tbls. orange zest

3-4 Tbls.  organic Blue Agave –

Steps:                  After peeling, washing and cutting potatoes into round dollops put in small boiler and cover with water.

Boil until soft – Just a few minutes

Take potatoes and put in a small Pyrex or casserole dish gently so you don’t break them up.

Cover with orange zest and Agave

Cover with a lid or foil if you don’t have one

Bake on 325 for about 25 minutes

Delicious – Hope you enjoy

Gluten Free Resolution

January 6, 2010

My sister (EH), has been reading about the blood type diet and is convinced that as type O+, we should be eating differently.   After looking at the diet the biggest obstacle for us is eating gluten-free.  We have been trying for about a month of make changes and I have to say that it isn’t easy.  I have learned to make a few things that are gluten-free.  I am trying to concentrate on making the things we like to eat gluten-free.  To my surprise I have found numerous items that have gluten in them that you wouldn’t think would have wheat but do.

As part of the O+ diet, dairy is limited to a few eggs and restricted cheese to mozzarella and feta and goat cheese.  We are not allowed to have corn products and since corn starch is used in many products that are substituted for gluten it makes it difficult for us.  We are not allowed to have white potatoes.  We do eat sweet potatoes.  Basically meat and vege’s. 

More later.

Juicing my Way back to health and other solutions

January 6, 2010

Good morning,

I had my first problem with my Jack LaLanne’s Juicer this morning.  I was juicing my morning regime of lemons to make my Master Cleanse Drink and the motor stalled .   I turned it off immediately and took it apart.  The motor was actually smoking.  I checked the blade to make sure it was tightened down and it was.  After putting it back together and the motor continuted to  hum so I waited a few more minutes and this time it finished juicing the lemons.  One thing that has concerned me  is the  lemon peel is not ground up as it is on my old Juiceman.  Of course, I had to cut the lemon up into quarters to get it to go through in the old one.  I reread the directions and  LaLanne’s Juicer states that you can put in the whole lemon.  You can’t juice oranges and other similar types of fruit but lemons should be okay.  I plan on contacting customer service  and ask their advice.  It doesn’t take very much to burn out a motor.  I will let you know what they say. 

I finished juicing my vege drink for breakfast.  Carrot and celery juice.  I remember that when I was juicing before that I needed to keep things simple and not worry about making too many different kinds of juices but find a few that I like and that seem helpful to me and stick with them.  This is in keeping with one of my New Year’s resolutions – KEEP IT SIMPLE – Simplicty is the key word.  I have to check my blood sugars to make sure the carrot juice is not impacting my sugar levels.  If it does, I will have to find another morning drink.

Also, we are sticking to the type O blood  diet as closely as possible.  There are a few exceptions – we haven’t totally broken the potato habit yet.  And getting rid of corn products is also an issue.  Since we are gluten free corn starch, etc. are in a number of the products we are using as substituions to gluten.  We are making every effort to limit this as much as possible.  Otherwise, we are doing great.

We found a breakfast that is working well for us.  Rice Chex with organic rice milk, fruit for EH, and vege drink for me.  Hot tea or coffee (per blood type O diet should not be drinking coffee).  To be truthful, I can tell no difference in the way I feel but my sister (EH) tells me she can tell a big difference.

Yesterday, we went out to Applebees and had lunch.  Their small 7 oz. sirloin, chicken wings, smashed potatoes (No potatoes on Type O Blood Diet) and steamed broccoli.  When the wings came, we realized they were the boneless kind that had been rolled in flour first.  Definitely not gluten-free.  We both succumbed and ate some.  They were delicious but not anything we can order in the future.  Must remember to ask waiter about gluten items before we order.

My brother-in-law (Ben) from another sister, (Dor) told us he couldn’t see any point in doing without gluten if you were not gluten intolerant.  He said there were no health benefits that he could find.  EH feels she is allergic to wheat.  We are going to a lot of trouble for nothing if he is right.  If this Blood type O diet doesn’t work we should know in a few weeks.

More later…

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