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New Diet 2015 – Alzheimers Nutrient Rich Support Diet

December 31, 2014
I have spent several days writing out  my new diet program.  The truth is that I have been on every diet under the sun.  In fact, I have lost hundreds of pounds on them.  Of course, the same 10 or 15 lbs have come off and then back on over and over again.  I am in  a group that meets together every week and discusses these 10 or 15 lbs and how to get them off again.  In fact, I think I am an expert at losing this weight.  This time, I don’t really want to focus on losing the weight as much as finding something that works long-term and will help me with my health issues, i.e., diabetes, high blood pressure, neuropathy of the feet and legs and other issues.

Recently, I found a research study that put Alzheimer’s patients on a nutrient rich and low carb diet that worked for all but one of these patients.  Since my Mom suffers from dementia, we put her on that diet.  We already had her on another Alzheimer’s Cure Diet.   So it makes sense to me to have myself on the same diet and incorporate other things that I have learned over the years.  At least, That is the way I plan to start out.  I have spent the last few days putting it together.

Protocol for Losing Weight and treating my health Issues:

It is very important that our body has  all the vitamins and nutrients it needs.  The problem is that lots of our foods that we eat are not very rich in these nutrients.  The Alzheimer’s Nutrient Rich Diet allows for vitamins and nutrients to be given in the form of pills.  Unfortunately, Mom cannot swallow pills at her present stage of dementia.  She had two trips to the hospital and came out very weak and drained.  We had to sit with her and work with her just to get her to eat.  When we started her on the liquid vitamins we noticed a big difference in her right away.  I found out that many older folks die from nutrition deficiency which weakens them.   So we have been giving her liquid vitamins and nutrients ever since.  1 T I started doing the same things for myself.

Here is a list of what we are currently taking:


Liquid Centrum Multi-Vitamin – 1 Tbl.  I buy this at Walmart – Take in AM

Liquid Calcium/Vit. D3 plus Magnesium – 1 Tbl. I buy this at Walmart – Take in PM

Liquid Vitamin D3 – 5000 IU – The Vitamin Store –  Take in AM

Liquid Melatonin .5 mg – The Vitamin Store – Take in PM

Liquid Iron – The Vitamin Store – Take in AM  Iron levels can be determined by your doctor.  Very important for women.  Ask your Doctor about this.
Pre and Pro Biotics – The Vitamin Store or Walmart
Cinnamon Capsules – 1000 mg.  I buy this at Walmart – Take in the AM
Liquid Vitamin B12 –  1000 mcg.  I found it at The Vitamin Store  The ideal supplemental form of supplemental vitamin B12 is methylcobalamin,  Note:  99% of Vitamin B12 has cyanide in it.  To learn more, here is a link that is well worth reading.

Because of our health issues, I try to make sure that none of the vitamins we take contain cyanide.  I am looking for a B Complex Vitamin in liquid form that does not contain cyanide now.

Buffered Vitamin C – I could not find this in liquid form so I feed it to Mom with her meds with applesauce.  I just take the capsuls.  1000mg.  I buy this at Walmart or The Vitamin Store.


I take these as prescribed.  Mom’s are ground up and fed to her in applesauce.


These seasonings are used in our cooking as much as possible:

Turmeric or Cur cumin
Cayenne Pepper
Coconut Oil, pure, unrefined, cold pressed  – I get a huge container from BJ’s.  It is the Carrington Farms Brand and costs about $16.00.  We take 3 TBLS per day.  I started out with 1TBLS and built up to the 3 TBLS.  This is very important for memory.  I also only use two types of oils in cooking.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut Oil.
I am currently investigating adding these to our protocol:

Alpha Lipoic Acid – 500mg. to 600mg. to treat Neuropathy

Basic Diet:

This basic diet is essentially low carb, low grain, gluten-free. and high fiber.   It is low to no sugar, no artificial sweeteners.   If I find I have to use a sweetener on rare occasions, I will use Stevia or coconut sugar.  This is a whole foods, no processed foods which are mostly organic diet, NO GMO’s, NO MSG’s, Oils are eliminated all together except for Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut Oil.  No caffeine, No sodas.  And this is a big one for me.  NO DAIRY.  I love my milk and cheese but will have to leave it alone for now.  I use Unsweetened Almond/Coconut Milk as a substitute for the milk.  No replacement for the cheese.  Eggs are allowed.  I use cage free eggs.

Water Consumption – 8 glasses each day.

Fiber is added into shakes, oatmeal, soups, or other recipes.  It is very important to eat fiber at every meal.  Drink lots of water along with it.

Vegetables are encouraged on this diet.  Salads and soups.

Meats – Clean Meats Only  This means very little if any pork.  We still eat bacon.  Hormone Free Chicken and Grass Fed Beef.

Dried Beans although higher in carbs are allowed 3 times a week.

Fish intake is encouraged to replace so much red meat or chicken.  Cook broiled or blackened.

A protein breakfast shake or Oatmeal for breakfast is encouraged  Recipes to follow in another blog.

Also, I have two basic soup recipes that I cook and freeze in individual glass containers to eat through the week.  (Recipes will follow on next blog)

I also encourage you not to get hungry.  Keep the soup handy for hunger pains or make an extra shake.


Juicing is allowed if using low carb vegetables.  I also encourage using the vegetable fiber adding into soups whenever possible.
Diversity is not really recommended.  I believe it is easier to find a few good recipes that are easy.  Try to find something that you really like and stick with it.
Eating Out is pretty easy.  Choose vegetable plates or meats with a salad and vegetables.  Stay away from fast food restaurants.

This diet kick off is January 1, 2015 although I have already started parts of it to get my body ready for the shock.

2015 Here we come.


December 26, 2014


Failure is a word that I am all too familiar with. A word that seems to control several areas of my life. At times my life seem to spiral out of control. We all want to control our lives rather than have negative circumstances control us. At one time or the other we find that some aspect of life, our love life, health, spiritual issues seem to be out of whack and leading lives of their own. When do we say enough and start to regain control?

Over the past decade or longer, I have suffered from tremendous pain in my feet and legs which has come from neuropathy. My feet feel like they are on fire. They feel as though they are numb, frozen and my toes ache. Walking has become so difficult that getting to my feet is an ordeal. It feels like I am walking on thousands of glass tips that are cutting into my flesh.There are many causes for neuropathy. Diabetes is one of the most common causes. I was diagnosed with this over 10 years ago. It has been hard for me to understand that the numbness and loss of sensation causes so much pain. The damage is often due to high blood sugar levels. The risk for neuropathy increases for diabetics who are overweight, have high blood pressure, or are over the age of 40. Sadly, I have all these conditions. My peripheral nervous system which connects the nerves from the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system) to the rest of my body is not working properly.

Some of the symptoms that I deal with on a daily basis are

  • tingling in feet and sometimes hands
  • a feeling like there is a glove or sock covering my feet
  • sharp, stabbing pains that cut with such force that you can’t help but wince
  • numbness in hands or feet – lack of feeling
  • weak, heavy-feeling arms and legs (sometimes it may feel like your legs or arms “lock” in place)
  • regularly dropping things from your hands
  • a tightness or swelling
  • thinning of the skin
  • a sudden drop in blood pressure for no reason that may put you to bed
  • emotional issues that come from dealing with constant pain
  • digestion difficulties
  • and the list goes on and on.

I have dealt with these issues so long that frustration has become part of my life. I meet with success for a little while only to succumb to the pain and find myself unable to stay ahead of this life robbing disease. And the thought that I should somehow be able to control all of this leads to feelings of frustration and failure.

Most often peripheral neuropathy can only be managed, not cured. Unfortunately, nothing I have tried thus far has been much help in managing the pain. I have tried various pain medications and treatments.

I recently read a blog written by my nephew which has inspired me to once again try to gain more control over this area of my life by setting goals. To start, I know that I need to lose weight. I have been on a million and one diets and none seem to work long-term. So while I have failed repeatedly in this area, tomorrow, I will start again.

The one positive in my life is an unwavering “faith” not in myself but in my God. I believe in Jesus and I believe that He is more than able to help me.

So tomorrow, I start my journey to be an over comer… Join me, if you will, on this journey.


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