Charlie Sheen

Watching Charlie Sheen’s melt down is not funny nor should it continue to be publicly newsworthy, yet here we are blogging and continuing to write about him.  If you are driving down the interstate and there is a car wreck everything slows down to a crawl because everyone passing has to have a look.  Charlie is like that in the real sense of the word.  He is a man caught in a trap of his own making.  It is painful to see and watch, yet the whole world watches in awe as he races to what appears to be certain destruction.

We see his rantings and rages and it evokes emotions  of  humor, disgust, anger and feelings that he is getting what he deserves.  The truth is that Charlie Sheen needs help and he deserves to get it.  Charlie Sheen needs prayer.  I feel for his family  that would certainly do something to stop him if they could.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Charlie is willing to listen to them.

I have had family members and friends who have been on a path of destruction but refuse to listen.  You want to wrap your arms around them and love them stopping them from any more foolish behavior.

Charlie seems bent on racing toward his end and doing it publicly unlike a lot of celebrities and non celebrities alike.  With each passing day he seems to be picking up speed and those around him either won’t intervene or can’t.  Who can forget other celebrities like John Belushi, Chris Farley, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain who met with  premature death to name a few.

This is all so sad to watch. Most self-destructive human beings quietly pass away in a smoke-filled drunken haze or are found the next morning by their families. To see a man completely disintegrate in a screaming free fall is more than unnerving. It is gut-wrenching.

I do not want to  judge Charlie Sheen or condemn him in any way.  I think he is a great actor and God loves him just as he loves you and me.  God is wanting the best for him.  My choice of action is to pray for him.   I pray that God would allow someone to come along who can help Charlie calm the tempest that rages in his soul. My thought is to start a circle of prayer for Charlie Sheen asking God to impart angels on his behalf.

I wish I could advise Charlie, I would tell  him how to find Jesus who would help him through the storms he is facing.  Jesus  would give him the peace he deserves and help him apply the brakes to his head long race  of destruction.

Charlie, I give you Jesus.  He is your answer.


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