Liz Claiborne bag


My sister (EH) wanted me to write a review on her Liz Claiborne bag she bought in the mountains.  It is a beautiful black polyester bag that she bought at a Liz Claiborne outlet on one of her little trips.  She has used the bag for about 2 weeks altogether.  She uses it for a day or two then doesn’t use it again.  It is very large and holds a lot of her stuff.  Unfortunately, she tried to use it and while out the strap that holds the handle on broke and of course the bag is ruined.  Even though it is designed to carry a lot of stuff she did not have it loaded with heavy items.  There should have been no reason for the strap to break.  The bag retailed for approximately $154.00.  I believe she got a discount since she bought it in an outlet store.

We tried to reach Liz Claiborne customer service via email and by using the online telephone number provided at their web site but could not reach anyone.    We will continue to try to reach customer service for Liz Claiborne.  I noticed online that there were other complaints about hassles with the company and poor quality of merchandise.

Also, some time back she had a similar situation with a Liz Claiborne wallet she bought.  The wallet just came apart after about three months use.  It came unsown and had to be thrown away.  I do not recommend the quality of merchandise for Liz Claiborne products based on her experience with these bags. 

My sister says she may or may not purchase Liz Claiborne products in the future.  She has bought Liz Claiborne products in the past and has not had this kind of product.  However, she says she will be much more careful about buying their products in the future.

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