Gluten Free Resolution

My sister (EH), has been reading about the blood type diet and is convinced that as type O+, we should be eating differently.   After looking at the diet the biggest obstacle for us is eating gluten-free.  We have been trying for about a month of make changes and I have to say that it isn’t easy.  I have learned to make a few things that are gluten-free.  I am trying to concentrate on making the things we like to eat gluten-free.  To my surprise I have found numerous items that have gluten in them that you wouldn’t think would have wheat but do.

As part of the O+ diet, dairy is limited to a few eggs and restricted cheese to mozzarella and feta and goat cheese.  We are not allowed to have corn products and since corn starch is used in many products that are substituted for gluten it makes it difficult for us.  We are not allowed to have white potatoes.  We do eat sweet potatoes.  Basically meat and vege’s. 

More later.


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