New Year’s Resolution

Looking into the new year, I am hoping for a better report physically.  Unfortunately, this last year has not been the best physically and/or spiritually.  I have found when the body is in a great deal of pain and unhealthy it affects the whole self, body, soul and spirit.  Blogging is difficult, in fact, everything is difficult.  But today starts a new year and a new determination to do something about the situation.  I cannot believe that I am condemned to live the later part of my life in an unhealthy state.  Therefore, I determine afresh and anew to do what I can to improve the situation.  We are all dying but some are dying quicker than others.  Here’s is looking at a new start.

First, my sister, EH, gave me a new juicer for Christmas.  I have a Juiceman which I acquired about 8 to 10 years ago.  There are many things about the juicer which I have been happy with.  One, it separates the pulp from the juice.  If you want the pulp for the fiber you can always add it back in with some of the juice or add it as fiber to casseroles, breadings, stews, etc.  There are any number of ways to use it.  Truthfully, I rarely used the pulp, I just enjoyed drinking the juice.  I had seen the TV advertisements on the Jack LaLanne’s power juicer and had stated a couple of times that I would like to try it.  And wouldn’t you know it found its way under the tree this Christmas. 

 I have already used it to make lemonade and found that I really like that you don’t have to spend so much time cutting up the fruit.  It has a very large shoot opening, approximately 3 inches on the inside.  This will accomodate a rather large piece of fruit.  I didn’t even do anything to the lemons other than washing them and cutting off the ends.  The first time I didn’t cut of the ends but I didn’t like the way the motor sounded so the next time I cut the ends off.  It made wonderful lemonade that I use on my Master cleanse.  I held back one lemon and cut it up to make it look like real lemonade.  I have already made two batches of lemon cleanse. 

 I also like that the pulp coming out the back  does seem to be drier and doesn’t leave as much liquid in the pulp.  The motor was much quieter than my Juiceman.  As soon as I put the fruit in the machine  it  became  noisier though.  The motor seemed to have enough power.  I looked at the box and the paperwork and couldn’t find the power in watts.  I had looked at a similar juicer before Christmas at Wal-Mart’s which was much less expensive.  It too had a large mouth for the fruit and the wattage was 800.  I have to say that my Juiceman is 8 to 10 years old and that it has lasted and is still very usable.  Only time and use will tell if Jack LaLanne’s will be as durable. 

Although simple to use, Jack LaLanne’s Juicer is somewhat more complicated than the Juiceman.  You have to use a special tool (provided with the unit) to remove the blade.  At our house this is something that can get lost and never to be found again.  As a temporary solution, I took a long tie and actually tied it to the machine.  My Mom (suffering with dimentia) loves to put things away where we can’t find them. 

The Juiceman was somewhat cumbersome and hard to get in and out of the cabinet so I found myself using it less and less.   Since I want to use my new juicer as part of a health regimen, I chose to find a nice place on the counter  where it could remain and not have to drag it in and out of the cabinets.  The juicer weigh’s about 15 lbs. and is just as cumbersome getting in and out of the cabinets as the Juiceman. 

As far as cleaning the juicer, it is just about the same as cleaning the Juiceman.  I put a plastic bag in the receptacle for the pulp so that all I had to do was lift out the bag.  I still had to take the juicer apart and clean it in soap and water.  I didn’t bother to put it all in the dishwasher. 

I am interested in finding out if it will stain as easily as the Juiceman.  Both juicer’s are white.  When I start juicing carrots and things of that nature I will be able to tell if it will stain.  I will keep you updated on my progress in later posts. 

Have a blessed and very Merry New Year.  Yea 2010


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