Cleanses for the liver, gut, bowel, and blood  are the rage for helping rid oneself of toxins and chemicals and promoting good health.  Many claim  it is just another way for the vitamin and natural cures industry to make more money off those who are gullible.  Perhaps it is for some.  But if a person is in search of optimum health or help with a serious illness as in my case then you do have hope that these kinds of measure might help.  Therefore, I am willing to try some of these cleanses to see if they may help.  I  decided that I could benefit from cleansing my body from toxins, etc.   After all, as long as I take care, what do I have to lose.  

So I investigated several different cleanses, mostly on the internet. Among others, I looked into the Master Cleanse which uses a lemon juice concoction with maple syrup and cayenne pepper.    It also uses herbal cleanses as well as a salt cleanse.  Many people complained bitterly and had trouble doing the regimine.    I also investegated Dr. Jungers clean Program used by Gwyneth Paltrow and other cleanses as well.    Because I have health issues (Diabetes and Diabetic Neuropathy as well as other health concerns) I was somewhat dubious.  but wanted to proceed to see if I could 1) lose weight ( although not the primary concern) and 2) cleanse my system from toxins that complicate my medical conditions.  I finally decided I needed a cleanse that would work gently but thoroughly and allow my body to detoxify on its own without too much use of herbal cleanses.  I also decided that I needed a cleanse that would not cause fluctuations in my blood sugar.  In the end, I developed my own cleanse and was able to achieve some good results.   Please be sure to discuss this with your health care physician before proceeding.  I had the desired results.  I lost 18 lbs in 10 days.  Of course as soon as I started eating again I gained 4 lbs.  back but have managed to keep 14 lbs off.  Since I have tried to lose weight for 2 years with little or no success I was very happy.  In fact, I plan to go on this cleanse every 6 months and a short cleanse every 2 months of 1 to 7 days in duration. 

 Here is the cleanse.  Hope this works as well for you as it did for me.


DAY 1:

  1. Prepare and take Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail (ACV) before each meal – Recipe in ACV blog to follow.
  2. Eat all the fresh vegetables and fruit you desire ( Diabetics should watch their blood sugars when eating certain fruits i.e, watermellon, etc.  Try to stick with apples and fruits low on the glycemic index.  Check out blog on Low Glycemic index fruits and vegetables to follow.    You may eat these raw which is preferable or slightly cooked in a pressure cooker or sauted.  You may also use a  salad dressing ( recipe at the end of this article).
  3. Prepare and take 2 garlic tablets after each meal (Cut fresh garlic into small tablet size)  Make sure you take these on a full stomach. Check out a discussion of garlic and it’s benefits on future blogs to follow.
  4. Mix water,  lemon juice, honey and cayenne pepper and drink 8 oz upon rizing – 8 oz before each meal and 8 oz at bedtime. (Read  Recipe blog to follow soon )
  5. Drink distilled water to finish out your daily liquid intake requirements – (See blog on daily intake requirements of water to follow soon)
  6. Take a Calcium, Vit D and magnesium supplement
  7. Take a good quality multi-vitamin
  8. Take B12, B Complex and B 6

Day 2:

  1. Same as Day 1

Day 3:

  1. Same as Day 1 & Day 2

Day 4:

  1. Same as Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3
  2. Add in 8 oz. of sauerkraut juice – lst thing in the morning on an empty stomach (I tooks a larg jar of sauerkraut and drained the juice and then I refilled it with distilled water so that I could use it  a second time.)

Day 5:

  1. Same as Day 4
  2. Non Diabetics – Drink 1 qt. of  orange juice in the morning
  3. Non Diabetics – Drink 1 qt of unsweented grape juice at lunch
  4. Non Diabetics – Drink 1 qt of pineapple juice at Dinner
  5. Diabetics should substitute green juices and vege juices instead.

Day 6:

  1. Same as Day 4
  2. Drink an abundance of green vege juices
  3. Drink papaya with green veges

Day 7:

  1. Same as day 6

Day 8:

  1. Same as Day 7
  2. Add in Acidophilus milk, tablets or good quality yogurt with acidophilus in it.

Day 9:

  1. Same as Day 8
  2. Begin to add in meats ( choose from tuna packed in water  served on top of salads), salmon baked,  broiled,  grilled or salmon patties ( recipe at the end of the article), grilled or baked chicken) if u choose.  (Be sure to check out my mayonaise recipe at the end of this article. 
  3. May begin to add in fiber cerals.

Day 10:  Last Day of Cleanse

  1. Same as Day 9

Body should be completely ready for Restorative Diet – To restore your body to total health and wellness.  Look for future blogs regarding Restorative Diet.


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